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Car Rental

It’s definitely easier by car! So you decided to rent a car and to make your visit to Kyrgyzstan comfortable, to be flexible to undertake any plans: business or vacation. Driving for business purposes in Kyrgyzstan makes you independent, punctual and mobile to solve all your important issues. Driving as a traveler in Kyrgyzstan is an excellent opportunity to explore the country in smaller details, to get your own, local experience of the country, to see, to touch and to taste.

What allows you to be a car renter? You need to possess a valid International Driving License to be able to drive a car in Kyrgyzstan. This is the best option to drive here legally. Otherwise you should have a local notarized translation of your personal driving license that will satisfy the local authorities.

To rent a car from our company you also need to be 23 years and older and have 3 and more years of driving experience. In case you don’t meet these requirements you can always rent a car with a professional driver with good driving experience and full training in Kyrgyz traffic regulations.

The road determines the car. Your next step should be to define the approximate route for your driving around Kyrgyzstan. As the roads around main cities and Issyk-Kul lake are pretty easy to drive so you don’t need to hire a rugged car. But to drive along the roads to remote villages, canyons, passes and any other distant locations you will need to rent a cross-country vehicle. So make sure you choose to rent an appropriate car for your planned route.

Insurance matter. All our cars and motorcycles are properly insured to cover you in case of an accident. You should be aware that generally vehicle insurance is not mandatory in Kyrgyzstan. Most of the local drivers are unfamiliar with the insurance system. You should also note that the insurance doesn’t cover the damage to the car resulted by your fault. For instance, you will be responsible for an engine damage caused by putting petroleum in a diesel car. We also advise you to purchase your own personal medical insurance.

Terrain peculiarities. While planning your driving trip around Kyrgyzstan remember the following figures: Kyrgyzstan territory is for 90% mountainous, 70% of local roads are not paved and you will not be able to cover more than 400 km a day. For distant trips equip yourself with GPS or map of Kyrgyzstan for better orientation in the area.

Traffic rules. For a safe driving in Kyrgyzstan you should be aware and keep to the following basic rules. There are several speed limits for different road sections: for school zones – 40 km/h, for villages, towns, and cities – 60 km/hr, for highways – 90 km/h.

It is forbidden to turn to the right on red in Kyrgyzstan. You can cross the intersection only at the green light.

Every time you drive outside the city, town or village your headlights should be turned on.

The drivers in big cities are often offensive, traffic authorities are captious and rather corrupt.

You will definitely enjoy it! But anyway all the mentioned aspects are very insignificant to interfere your great driving plans. The enchanting views of high, mighty mountains, emerald mirrors of lakes, fresh transparent air and quiet friendly rural area will turn your driving in Kyrgyzstan into a rewarding adventure.

Book your car now! So don’t hesitate to use our simple and convenient service to book your chosen car or motorcycle. We are here to offer you the reasonably cheap rental prices, high quality vehicles and best service. So book your car and be sure in successful implementation of your travel plans!

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